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About Camwik

Our Personnel Consulting Camwik, with headquarters in Munich and branch offices in Berlin and Stockholm, engage in the identifying, reaching, evaluating and inspire extraordinary talent for our customers – everything from the exceptional student to CEOs.

To our customers we count Start-ups, medium-sized companies and international corporations. We fill qualified and management positions above all in the areas of Human Resources, IT, New Media, Consulting, consumer goods, tourism and Marketing.

Our strong commitment in the Diversity & Inclusion community is because we believe in its importance for the society and our customers.

We are a team of four consultants and eight researchers. Our combined experience covers over 30 industries. As the headhunters who care we do not only evaluate the specialist competence, but in particular the social skills.

The Founders

Anders Wikberg founded Camwik UG together with Stuart B. Cameron in 2009. Prior to this he worked for multinational corporations in the areas of Global Marketing and Corporate Communication Management. Moreover he led teams to improve staff retention, employer branding and recruiting efforts.

Stuart B. Cameron is co-founder of Camwik, initator of International Talents and MILK. He was previously the Membership Director of Germanys oldest independent Network for Management personalities and High Potentials. There he successfully managed different Career formats, for example the NLP-World congress and the Medium-sized Business Day.