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For Candidates

We are always on the lookout for talented people with an interesting track record. Send us your current CV. Your data will then be available to our Recruiters and Researchers for current and future positions.

Why you can trust us:
  • We treat our candidates just as well as our corporate customers
  • We get to know all candidates that we present personally
  • We support and accompany our candidates in their professional life, also after they are in their new position
  • We don’t “sell” our candidates jobs, but rather inform them about the advantages and disadvantages with the specific position
  • We only present your profile, when we are convinced that they could be hired
  • We engage ourselves in the diversity & inclusion community, because we believe it is important to society and our customers
  • We give our candidates honest feedback throughout the recruiting process
  • Our recruiting process is transparent and understandable to our candidates

Send your CV to

The sole purpose of our database is to enable us to approach you about potential open positions which we are recruiting for.
     Your data will only be shared with a potential employer after we have received your permission to do so. We will inform you about the position and if you are interested present you to the customer.
     In the processing, usage and transmission of your personal data, we adhere to the German Data Protection Act. You can at any time withdraw your consent to saving your data.
     You have the right to ask what data we have saved about you. Furthermore, the adjustment of false data, barring and deletion. Please understand that all our employees are obligated to adhere to data secrecy regulations in accordance to German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).